Circle Dance, Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance at Findhorn

NEWS: we are now dancing online, taught by Brant Bambery, myself and a changing group of Findhorn and international dance teachers! for details and to sign up for the zoom link click here:

With his first visit in 1976, ballet master Bernhard Wosien planted the seed of Sacred Dance at Findhorn.  He wrote: “The work with dance, which I started at the Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland in 1976, with the years developed into an international network of dance-meditation. Many dance enthusiasts who had discovered the religious dimension of dance, and realising its importance as an artistic medium, helped to spread Sacred Dance, as it came to be called, in much of Europe, throughout the Western world, and further.”
Over 40 years later Sacred Dance has grown into an international network, and Findhorn with several ongoing groups, trainings and an annual festival is part of it. While the intention of dancing together is that of connection, coherence and prayer, the repertoire is wide and varied: dances of many traditions learned mostly from the folk dance network, modern choreographies, and favourite “modern classics”. Everybody is welcome in the circle, and everybody will find their personal favourite dances.

Dancing with Ponies

In 2019 our small team developed a choreography, rehearsed with music and costumes, and presented at a charity event for Riding for the Disabled Forres and Nairn Group. As dancers we can learn a lot here: Horses are herd animals, and a natural part of their life is to be aware of each others movements and postures, and to synchronise with each other to stay in communication, stay together and stay safe. When we dance in a circle or line, we too synchronise our movements and brain waves, we communicate without words and we develop coherence as a group. And the ponies really enjoyed doing what was so natural to them.


Dancing and body intelligence

This is my current area of research. Most people who have danced for a while will notice that they feel better, but what happens exactly? Both the dancing together and specific dances might be age-old tools that awaken the intelligence in every cell of our body, balance an overly active brain, and invite us to synchronise and communicate within all our systems. We become more intelligent, both in our body and as a group, and better able to reset imbalances in our mind, body and emotions.