Circle Dance, Sacred Dance


with Katharina Kroeber CBP

Join an afternoon of circle dance, boost body intelligence, and experience synchronised group intelligence in the dancing circle: an opportunity for balance, coherence and health.
Using a concept of body intelligence based on the BodyTalk System, we engage our 3 brains through circle dance. We will also trace some of the traditional patterns of group intelligence, weaving our thread into the fabric of the circle and making our body intelligence available to the whole.

Katharina Kroeber is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, long- term circle dance teacher, and weaver. For more info see
To book please contact or 07905499673
This workshop is part 1 of a series, part 2 will be Surrender to Dance with Brant Bambery on Nov 30th.

Saturday 26th of October, 3-6pm
Sunshine Room, The Park, Findhorn. cost £15