Mandala Wool

Mandala Wool

the original, 10 years on, still not for sale

I knitted this wool jumper more than 10 years ago, and quite a few times people tried to buy it or order one, but I didn’t really have the time. This last summer (2020) there was more time, and projects involving all 5 senses were needed to offset more time spent online. Knitting these Mandala jumpers and scarves is a three dimensional experience, moving the hands to create the pattern, feeling and smelling the wool and the lanolin it still contains, and constructing the body of the jumper. If you are a knitter you know what I mean, and if you are not yet, I really encourage you to have a go!
   A Mandala is a place of safety and harmony. The idea of the knitted pieces is to form Mandalas around us, to protect our space, to wrap us into the harmony of the patterns and make them sing to us, to help us stay in beauty and walk in beauty. The patterns are drawn from the knitting traditions of northern Europe, and I leave it to you to listen to their voice and decipher their words. Where the patterns are placed on the body of the garments stems from my own understanding of the body energies and their movements.
   The yarns are sheep wool in mostly natural colours, my favourite is the golden glowing fleece of the Fuchsschaf (fox sheep), a rare breed. All are purchased from Finkhof, a cooperative in the south of Germany, where they are sourced locally and certified for animal welfare. Anybody who has only experienced processed commercial wool yarns might find the yarn a bit scratchier at first touch, but especially through the lanolin it’s actually kinder to the skin and the smell of (clean!) sheep is soothing.
   The lace knits are quite stretchy and create a snug fit without being tight, the piece will stretch to a comfortable fit without getting baggy. The cable patterns will stretch in the parts between the cables, but not the cables themselves, so the fabric is a bit thicker and keeps closer to its original measurements.
   All pieces are washed and come with a small supply of yarn for mending. They don’t need to be washed much, mostly hanging them out overnight will be enough to refresh them. For the occasional annual wash use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water, don’t squeeze too much, and roll up in a towel until almost dry.
   Please scroll down to see details of the pieces. All prices are plus postage costs to your destination. Items can be returned in clean, undamaged condition within 2 weeks, postage cost cannot be refunded and the buyer is responsible for the return postage. By ordering a Mandala Wool piece you agree to these conditions.

Mandala Jumper: light gold/reds, armpit-hem 50cm, top-hem 70cm, hem width 57cm, neck opening 22cm, mid neck-wrist 81cm, weight 450grms, price £260

Water Crystal Jumper:  grey/blues, armpit-hem 45cm, top-hem 64cm, hem width 56cm, neck opening 21cm, mid neck-wrist 76cm, weight 400grms, price £250

Mandala Scarf: light gold/reds, 30cm x 150cm, weight 150grms, price £60
Water Crystal Scarf: grey/blues, 25cm x 157cm, weight 150grms, price £60
Dark Star Scarf: medium brown/dark brown/red/natural white, 31cm x 158cm, weight 150grms, price £60

Mandala jumper



Water Crystal jumper front

detail, back


detail, front


Water Crystal scarf

Mandala scarf

Dark Star Scarf

Dark Star centre detail