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 discover the story of your health, told by your body


What is The BodyTalk System™?

BodyTalk works directly with the wisdom and self-healing ability of the body. Your body is doing its best for you: it wants for you to be safe, healthy and happy. BodyTalk is starting the conversation of good health that relies on a flow of information within all parts and aspects of the body – if that flow is compromised, for example through stress, injury or trauma, challenges can arise.
The BodyTalk system provides a comprehensive structure that can address both simple and complex issues in an individualized way, and increase well-being by supporting all body systems to work at their very best.
Developed by John Veltheim in the 1990s, BodyTalk draws on some of the oldest health care traditions as well as current research in the fields of biology and medicine. BodyTalk identifies where the flow of health is interrupted and then encourages for connections to be restored, so that all systems can re-balance and self-healing properties be activated.

What happens in a session?

Together we find out more about the story behind your symptom. There may be stress involved, emotional trauma, injury or aspects of your environment and lifestyle that have an impact on you. With the help of neuromuscular feedback and gentle tapping, your body and mind are encouraged to relax, re-balance, and restart the process of healing. There might be connections that come as a surprise, or others that you were aware of, as guided by your body.
Sometimes the difference made by a session is noticeable straight away, sometimes it may become apparent over the next few days. If possible, it is a good idea to reserve some integration time directly after the session.
Usually sessions last around one hour, but can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the clients’ system for this particular session. Also depending on the needs of the client, a session can be very quiet or include some talking about the story and experiences during the session.
The session is usually done lying on a treatment table, as most people enjoy to relax that way, but if that is difficult sitting in a chair is also possible. If your session is online, you need to have a quiet room and be comfortable. For home visits, a sofa or comfortable chair can be used.

Who can benefit?

Because it is entirely directed by the client’s system, BodyTalk is suitable for all ages and conditions. If you are already receiving treatment, BodyTalk can be helpful alongside your treatment strategy to get the most out of it.
If children book in for BodyTalk, they are accompanied by a parent or carer. I usually ask that at least one parent also has an individual session before bringing the child, so you can be confident that BodyTalk is right for your child.


Professional Organisations and further information:

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